Introducing our Bushnell, IL Friend of the Week: George Pendarvis

The first week in Bushnell, I met George, who asked me WHY we had moved to such a sleepy, dying community. I invited him to help me wake it up. He picked up his hammer and saw and helped us renovate the city's falling down train depot. He became a board member of the nonprofit Bushnell Citizen's Coalition, which I founded with a handful of concerned citizens, and his work was invaluable to us. George was the engine many times, in the machine that helped renovate a city beyond the depot. I'm proud to know him.

Only writing this did I realize how fitting it was that Kathleen Paris spends much of her time actually IN Paris lecturing businesses on how to improve their businesses, and teaching. She first approached me wanting to offer an executive woman's retreat, for which she needed a sponsor. We soon became friends, and she's inspired me in too many ways to list. She's incredibly capable, optimistic, and open to all the beauty in the world. Also, she's not afraid to jump in a tube and go for a speed ride in a lake. So much to admire!

Introducing our Madison, WI Friend of the Week: Kathleen Paris

Leigh was one of the first people we met in Jacksonville (at the dog park with her pup Lucy). What a blessing in our lives! We've cooked together, laughed together, groused together and celebrated birthdays together. Leigh is an assistant principal at an area school and she LOVES those kids and her neice and nephew. She's got a heart of gold and she's always up for new experiences, like painting rocks and making flower pots out of broken pottery. She's that rare good sport that everyone gravitates toward.

Introducing our Jacksonville, FL Friend of the Week: Leigh Farrington

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