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Jan 10 – 16: Nancy Haight sent me the painting of me on the jetty rocks – she’s so talented!  And the kids sent me pics of them in Chicago and Madison – wonderful!! Published and shipped “The Gray Family History” book with 35 generations identified for my friends, Donna and David. At Hanna Lake, we found the alligator lounging on his private island again (his favorite spot). Lots of pics of wildlife, and a new heron has taken George’s place, flying to stand within a few feet of me, squawking as he flew to get my attention. The Osprey is majestic, right? Walked the Arboretum and binge-watched (finally finished) Suits.

Waiting for Columbus

Third Wish


By Robert Fulgrum. The third wish is the last one left when the first wish was foolish, and the second wish was used to undo the first wish. It must be used wisely with the help of co-conspirators. The story begins at a terrace table on the Greek Island of Crete, winds its way through Greece, Japan, France, England, and Seattle. Its main characters are Alice, Max-Pol, Aleko, Wonko, Zenkichi, Polydora, Alice-Alice, and Dog. Woven into the fabric of the novel are cultural history, art, philosophy, archeology, poetry, theater and music. These people love life and will go to great lengths to find a flourishing Way onward. I LOVED this two-book set.

Waiting for Columbus

A man is brought to an insane asylum in contemporary Spain, claiming to be the legendary navigator Christopher Columbus. Found in the treacherous Straight of Gibraltar, he is clearly delusional and has suffered a trauma so severe that he has turned away from reality. As he spins the tall tales of adventure and romance of someone who existed in the late fifteenth century, one nurse can’t help but be enchanted by his spirit. Who is Columbus? Where did he come from? This dazzling story about one man’s painstaking search for truth and loyalty is a very compelling and memorable read. LOVED it.

Husband of the Week:

The Original Choirboy

KXP is a choirboy. He wants to do good and he does good. He's charitable and he stays within the 

lines. That

makes a



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Grandchildren's Corner:

Why don't birds run into one another flying?


These are black skimmers. My approach caused them to take to the air at the exact same instant. Why didn't they collide and knock each other out of the sky?

One answer: Air flows naturally generated during flight may prevent collisions, allowing even individuals with different flapping motions to travel together. Another answer: Researchers put parakeets into an air tunnel and had them fly towards each other. They found that each bird always veers right and changes altitude to avoid mid-air collisions. 


But what about instantaneous flight, as in this picture of migrating snowgeese taken by Ray Hennessey via Birdshare:  

These birds are too close for thought, yet not one bird knocks another out of the group, and no one bird is the leader. Instant flight changes and missed collisions may be the result of a group cognition, meaning one thought is shared by a large group acting as a single being.


Is it possible? Bees show this behavior, too. Wild dogs seem to be of one mind when they hunt in a pack. Many beings sharing instant connected behaviors -- is that an expression of a higher "mind" than we humans DO NOT seem to have, so we try to dismiss it with other explanations?


It's Nature's magic -- and brilliance -- is what I think.


Nancy Haight

Madison, WI

Tim Price

Bushnell, IL

Friends of the Week!

Vickie Marnick

Jacksonville, FL

Nancy is an artist, after retiring from years working in a scientific lab. She's a precious grandmother, a devoted mother, and a great friend with an optimistic outlook. I've never heard Nancy say a negative word about anyone; she's the balm in our Madison group. She's also become family to us; we love her.

Tim Price was not only our neighbor, he was part of most of our days in Bushnell. A professor, author, and gardner, Tim also filled in as a preacher for me when I needed a "Chicago break" with the grandkids. Another hat he wears is a Santa cap, and we've had lots of fun and dinners with "hippie Tim."

Vickie is always up for a good time. One of the [in]famous Vintage Chicks, she's sang karaoke, played handbells, attended concerts, hosted dinners, played bingo, and done so many things with me and the gals that it wouldn't be a gang without her. She's the smile in our group, our sunshine.

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