This Week's Book Recommendation:
Lone Wolf

Cara, 17, lived with her father – a famous animal conservationist who lived with a wild wolf pack in the Canadian wild. After a horrific accident, Cara wants to save her father but brother Edward wants to terminate life support and donate his father’s organs. Besides moral issues, this book offers a truly remarkable and insightful study of wolf behavior.

Project of the Week:
Display your passions!

This dining room wall features finished jigsaw puzzles and (on shelves) acrylic picture cubes of my photography with pics of lots of family/friends, travel memories, etc. If you love your hobbies, share them!

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Just returned from a great trip! Shared meals with some of our favorite people (out of order, but in order by picture) -- Janet and my sister Susan [Atlanta, GA]; Kev's sister Tracy and husband Tim [Louisville, KY]; daughter Summer with Patrick and her husband Richard [Chicago]; grandson Alexander [Chicago]; and in Madison, WI we visited: friend Tammy Rozek; son Philip's family with Gloria, and grandchildren natalie and Nathaniel; Kev's partner in sales, Joe Wendorf; our friends Kathy and Terry Siebert; dear friends Donna and Dave Gray; and of course, friends Nancy and Bill Haight. There were so many other people we wanted to see, but we were helping PJ's family get into a new home and we were traveling with our dog Gene, so we did what we could. Thanks to these wonderful people for an unforgettable trip. We love you all.

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