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May 9-15: First time having Leigh and Jeanine over for dinner since Covid! Yay! Buddy and Georgia invited us to see The Music Man play, complete with dinner at the Alhambra Theatre – such a fun night and great show. We followed up with an invitation to play Euchre at our home, which also was fun even though the men tromped we southern ladies in a most ungentlemanly manner (LOL). My projects of the week were painting and decorating the seashells I collected at the beach to make gifts for family and Madison friends, painting rocks to hide at the park, and finishing my “puzzle/picture cube wall” that commemorates my new hobby (jigsaw puzzles) due to Covid 19. We hiked the arboretum, but the real show was at Hanna Park, where the juvenile egrets are learning to fly. They had quite the bird audience as they took turns trying out their wing balance. There are hundreds of birds there, so it was quite the spectacle and loud, with all the encouragement the other birds were squawking. Great week.

This Week's Book Recommendation:
The Memoirs of Cleopatra

Cleopatra, Queen of the Nile. Told in the first person — from the young queen’s earliest memories of her father’s tenuous rule to her own reign over one of the most glittering kingdoms in the world–this is a mesmerizing saga of ambition and power. But it is also a tale of passion that begins when the twenty-one-year-old Cleopatra, desperate to return from exile, seeks out the one man who can help her, the Roman general Julius Caesar....

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Project of the Week:
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This dining room wall features finished jigsaw puzzles and (on shelves) acrylic picture cubes of my photography with lots of family/friend photos, travel pics, etc. If you love your hobbies, share them!

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