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Why would you want my business advice? Good question!  

  • Small Business Administration's "U.S. Journalist of the Year" (awarded at the State Department in Washington, D.C.) for business advocacy and for "the exemplary business knowledge shown, from start-up ventures to top management development."

  • Publisher of In Business magazine for 20 years. Under my leadership, IB received the top award for "Psychologically Healthy Workplace" from the Wisconsin Psychological Association, and other excellence awards. I also served on many boards of directors for non-profits from the Salvation Army to micro-lending boards.


  • Co-hosted a weekday 5 p.m. business talk radio show (with Joan Gillman/UW School of Business). Did face-to-face interviews with more than 3,000 business professionals, from start-ups to CEOS of Fiscars North America, Black Flag, HY-VEE Corporate (Canada) & gaming giants.

  • Keynote speaker/trainer at numerous business conferences. Athena Award received for mentorship of female professionals.

  • Glynn Patrick & Associates, LLC engaged expert associates to provide executive management for special projects. (Example: Supervision and coordination of a bank product rollout.) 

  • TDS business blogger (U.S. Cellular is its subsidiary company) for 6 years for top-level CEOs.

I hope you find something here today that you can put to work in your business tomorrow.

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