Why would you want my business advice? Good question!  

  • Small Business Administration's "U.S. Journalist of the Year" (awarded at the State Department in Washington, D.C.) for business advocacy and for "the exemplary business knowledge shown, from start-up ventures to top management development."

  • Publisher of In Business magazine for 20 years. Under my leadership, IB received the top award for "Psychologically Healthy Workplace" from the Wisconsin Psychological Association, and other excellence awards. Sat on many boards of directors.


  • Co-hosted a weekday 5 p.m. business talk radio show (with Joan Gillman/UW School of Business). Did face-to-face interviews with more than 3,000 business professionals, from start-ups to CEOS of Fiscars North America, Black Flag, HY-VEE Corporate (Canada) & gaming giants.

  • Keynote speaker/trainer at numerous business conferences. Athena Award received for mentorship of female professionals.

  • Glynn Patrick & Associates, LLC engaged expert associates to provide executive management for special projects. (Example: Supervision and coordination of a bank product rollout.) 

  • TDS business blogger (U.S. Cellular is its subsidiary company) for 6 years for top-level CEOs.

I hope you find something here today that you can put to work in your business tomorrow.

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