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Family Tree Histories  (The PDFs are worth the 5-15 seconds required to load!)

THANKS to family collaborators, other genealogists, historical societies, online resources, authors and photographers for any fact, image or prose I've "borrowed" without citation. I have combined, rewritten, and expanded entries to create one cohesive story. In turn, feel free to "borrow" my work, words and images.  This information belongs to generations past and future, and I have not profited monetarily in any way by using your work or mine.

Key:  Father's Side of the Family
Mother's Side of the Family
         My Husband's Family Trees
Friends' Family Trees (by JGP)

Many More Trees Coming VERY SOON!


 Want to do your own genealogy? Check out the tools page of how-to's and online resources to help you with your own research!

If you disagree with any information here, please don't ask me to "prove" my view beyond what is offered in the PDF. You didn't hire me to reseach your tree, and I don't have time to review each entry and then explain my results. I'm also not going to debate differing Family Tree linkages without a second proof provided by you. offers great primary sources --  census reports, military draft records, etc. That proof counts. However, the family tree section where people look for instant information is a user-created database. The family trees are not, as many believe, validated or checked for accuracy.  True also for WikiTree and most online subscription services that rely on data input from the general public. Most of the mistakes are honest date typos, etc., but some postings are ridiculous ... like sons marrying their mothers, people dying before their birth dates, and sons listed as being their own fathers. Yet those obvious errors are copied and jump from site to site. So please offer REAL, documented proof to challenge a relationship and I'll happily (gratefully, even) check into it.

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