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Five Fun Facts About Sheep

1. Their wool will grow forever. Unlike wild sheep which naturally shed, the wool of domestic breeds like the Merino will just keep growing. They have to be sheared!

2. They have nearly 360-degree vision. Sheep have rectangular pupils that give them amazing peripheral vision, and depth perception. These are great assets when you’re a prey animal. It’s like surround sound for the eyes.

3. Some are gay. While nearly all animal species have some gay members, sheep are the only animals besides humans that show a same-sex preference for life. In flocks of domestic sheep, up to eight percent of the males prefer other males, even when breeding females are there.

4. The upper lip of a sheep has a pronounced groove (a philtrum) dividing the left and right side. Sheep are very selective grazers, preferring leaves and blades over stems, and their philtrum helps them get close to the ground.

5. Sheep can’t right themselves if they’re on their back. There’s even a term for the situation. They’re called cast sheep. So if you see one in this position they’re probably stressed and freaking out so find a farmer and help roll ’em back over.

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