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How Can I Be Happier?

Yes! There is actually a science about how to train your brain to be happy. Here are 7 of the ways you can actually retrain your brain to give you more happiness feelings every day:

1) Three Walks: Take 3 walks a week for at least half an hour. It works.

2) The 20-Minute Replay: Write for 20 minutes about a good time you had when you were happy. Your brain will go back to that happy place making you happier.

3) 5 Random Acts of Kindness: Do this in a week, something nice and unexpected for someone. You’ll have a much higher happiness feeling at the end of the week.

4) A Complete Unplug: Turn off your phone, don’t touch the internet, and relax completely for at least 10 minutes a day. Tell your worries to scram! And don’t use that time to worry. Use it to relax and just be. Sit. Daydream about good things. Look at pictures you like. Read a book.

5) Get in the Zone: You know what that is and how to do it. Is it reading or playing a video game, dancing or cooking? Do what you love to do that makes time fly because you are so focused!

6) 2-Minute Meditations: There’s a Headspace app to help you with this if you need help learning how to meditate. Only two minutes a day to be happier? Try it!

7) 5 Gratitudes. Actually WRITE DOWN 5 things you’re happy for each day. You can actually become physically healthier as well as happier by doing this – there is a LOT of science that proves this benefit.

Try as many of these as you can. What have you got to lose except bad feelings or anxiety?

Think bad thoughts about yourself? Wear a rubber band on your wrist and snap it everytime you think a negative thought about yourself. You can train your brain to STOP IT. This is a bad loop and you can kill it. You are unique and talented and special. Remember that. If you forget, snap yourself back to reality. You are worth all the love in the world.

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