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The Day Before Surgery

So many “last minute” details. The hospital called and moved up the surgery to 12:30, with 11 a.m. check-in. I was told to launder my bedding the day before surgery, so I’ll be sleeping on a very clean surface. Yesterday I cooked a lot of protein ahead (I’m to eat it three meals a day pre/post-surgery to assist in healing). Check, check and check.

Today I vacuumed the entire house, cleaned the fish filters, topped off the koi pond, and set up the outside area. The contractor notified us today that (surprise!) he can’t get the panels we need for the sunroom until OCTOBER. I’m not content with looking at an unusable cement slab for months, so after his call, I shopvac’d the area following yesterday’s high-wind and torrential rainstorm and then brought up furniture from our garden areas. Now, at least, it is usable for sitting outside.

Today mostly will be a deep-cleaning day. I’ve already prepped for rest – sorted jigsaw puzzle pieces so I can just put it together. Bought crossword and puzzle books. I cannot just sit and watch television; I prefer to keep my mind occupied. I also have a few beading projects in mind.

So that’s that. I’m not too nervous about the surgery because women do it every hour of every day; I’m not the first and it isn’t experimental. I’m naturally a little anxious about the path reports, but it won’t be anything we can’t handle and may even be better news than I expect.

Side note: my primary doc (the PA), gave me a referral to a rheumatologist. The cat scan (the gift that keeps on giving) also revealed I have granulomatous disease. It is the reason, I guess, that I have granulomas in my spleen and other places (all revealed by the cat scan). It can be treated, and treatment may improve my hair growth and stop the flaking on my nose! Anyway… that doc’s office called today, more than three weeks after the referral, wanting to see me right away. I said wait until August. Then I checked the doc out. He has the WORST reviews I’ve ever seen online. Out of over 400 reviews, 95 percent were a “1” with comments that he’s dismissive and rude, and just orders a bunch of shots without comment about why. Most called him, well, basically a pill pusher, not a doctor. I then cancelled that appointment and required a new referral to Baptist Hospital Rheumatology for that. Geesh. I feel like I dodged another bullet today.

Anyway, nerves are under control. Just anxious to get the treatment phase started. Thanks for prayers (I strongly believe in the Lord’s response to requests for mercy as His will becomes known) and for walking the journey with me; you guys are the light in the tunnel.

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