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The Mystery of the Calanais Stones

Where did these monument stones, which overlook the sea of Loch Roag, come from? Were they Druid worship stones, a lunar observatory, or giants petrified for refusing to become Christian?

According to archaeologists, 5,000 years ago there was some form of an enclosure in this area, a structure likely used for ritual purposes.

Then, around 2900 BC, a new mysterious structure was erected in a form of a stone circle. Years later, a tomb was added to the eastern part of this circle of stones, which was then used for hundreds of years. The site was later abandoned in about 800 BC.

Many scientists today believe the stones at Calanais functioned as an astronomical lunar calendar. The moon’s position in relation to the visible horizon varies over time, peaking every 18.61 years. The Calanais Stones accurately mark this cycle.

The mystery remains: Where did the rocks come from, how did humans 5,000 years ago know about the lunar cycles, and how did human beings move the giant monuments into place?

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