12/07/20: From Linda Rhodes: Thanks for the article… my 21 year old and his fiancé who’s was 20 both killed in motorcycle accident a couple weeks ago. I keep telling my family my heart feels like it is literally broken and have chest pains and brain pains. This is going to be a process and difficult journey of hills and valleys in the land of “oh-no”. I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy. Moment by moment…just breathe!

12/17/20: From "livingthroughitsite": 11 years ago today, my precious son, John McKay Kunz left mortality and entered The Spirit World. I am grateful to know that he lives on as a spirit entity. I do not use past tense abt him.
Today I will remember him with a Zoom meeting, to which many dear friends, family, former teachers have been invited to share their memories and thoughts.
My heart still hurts today, but it is less intense. As I talk about John McKay in my daily dealings, there are many who show compassion and love, and any acknowledgement, validation helps to some degree.
I am grateful to be the Mother of John McKay and younger brother James, who is estranged from me today. I would do it all again to have them in my life in whatever form that takes. I am a Mother.

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