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Twinkly Lights

Let's Party!

New ideas for fun parties, for a few or a crowd!

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In Balance

From Cooking to Photography to Art Projects... 

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Grandkid's Corner Blogs 

21 quick, fun reads for children of all ages!

Making Notes

Top 10 Lists

What are your Top 10 movies, animals, pastimes? 

Jon Edward

An interview with psychic/author Jon Edward.

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Give Back

Fun examples to benefit your community.

Analog Camera

Good Times

Images of family and friends set to music.

Sphere on Spiral Stairs

The Cancer Journal

How I knew, what we did, how we coped.

10 of my 102 Pinterest Pages
10 Unforgettable Movies

Americana.  JGP Photography

This Month's Book Recommendations: "Spiritual" genre titles
Click to read no-spoiler summaries!


I'm posting many Family Trees from research accumulated over 20 years! Hope you find one of your family trees included!

Babb, Babcock, Baldwin, Barry, Brester, Butterfield, Gould/Gloyd, Gray, Hudson/Hutson, Jenyns/Jennings, Kramig, Mecum, Miller, Mills, Nelson, Patrick, Rains, Reed, Sharp, Shockley, Springsteed (Springsteen), Warren, Webster, Wright, and Yarbro


Many more are on the way!!

A quick look at Jacksonville's treasures: This month featuring the Jacksonville Arboretum!

Spiritual or Biblical

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