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I'm Jody Glynn Patrick.  

I'm not looking for "likes" ... I want to give you something meaningful on these pages that you might enjoy or put to some use in your own life, and I hope this website might become a place you'll visit often.


My Story

An early ambition, from a (very) young age, was to escape my stagnant rural hometown for the excitement of Chicago. I knew I needed a college education to be able to support myself there, but our family had no money for that. For two years post-high school, I worked as a waitress, in a factory, and as a secretary. Then a miracle -- a U.S. Senator wanted to sponsor a woman with one of the state college scholarships he could award and he covered my first two years of college.


I made it from there on scholarships, student loans, and a lot of bologna sandwiches. After graduating with an advanced psychology degree, I was hired as the Executive Director and live-in manager of the Chicago Ronald McDonald House. From that launching pad, I've been a volunteer Philadelphia Eagles consultant (Eagles Fly for Leukemia), police crisis interventionist, supervisor of a large Denver-area child neglect/abuse intake unit, and even did a stint as a Denver business owner. Then I turned a passion for journalism into a second career. I've published Milwaukee and suburban Chicago newspapers and Madison, WI magazines (Wisconsin Fire Journal and the award-winning In Business magazine) for 20 years. I also hosted a 6 p.m. talk radio program for several years.


After "retiring," I served three years as an ordained minister in my rural home-town area to honor the many blessings God has bestowed, because my life has unfolded better than any little girl could have dreamed. Yet it hasn't all been a bed of roses.  My oldest child died in a traffic accident at age 16. I've had two different cancer bouts (both requiring major surgery) and rounds of chemothapy and radiation. But from those experiences, I've gained the insight and empathy to help others facing tragic moments in their lives, and some of that work is offered here in blog form.


That first Chicago dream came true, and I've had that chance to learn and grow, to live in some of the most interesting and exciting cities in the nation, to meet fascinating, talented people along the way, and to share those experiences with wide audiences. Now I'm a retired wife, mother, proud grandmother, and a dog mom. I'm quietly living out my "second life"  with my hubby and a few close friends in sunny Florida. I've taken up bead artistry, and am an experienced genealogist and book publisher. And of course, a writer must write and so I do ... here, for you.


This portal is always open for a friendly visit.

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