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These references were provided to LinkedIn by people who voluntarily provided a testimonial for my past work.  This is provided here for businesses/organizations interested in hiring me for special project work, etc. For LinkedIn, all references must be posted by the person writing them. Their positions, as listed, were the jobs they held when they wrote the references. Check Linked In for promotions or job changes since that time.

Charles Hoslet, Assoc. Vice Chancellor, Government Corporate Affairs, Univ. of Wisc.

I've had the pleasure of knowing and working with Jody for a number of years, in both a professional and volunteer capacity. She is a broad thinker and a connector; she sees the intersections of interest between the variety of people she knows, and is quick to make recommendations and introductions when appropriate. She is also a great writer with a penchant for telling it like it is - something we need more of today. 

Kathleen Paris

Kathleen Paris, IBPS Administrator, Madison College, Madison, WI


"If you want to get something done, ask a busy person." This brings Jody Glynn Patrick to mind. Besides being Publisher and VP at IN Business magazine, Jody leads and participates in multiple community and business projects and events. She is a sought-after MC for events like the Salvation Army's Tin Cup Lunch and the Dane County Small Business Awards. She just never does anything half way. If Jody is involved, it’s going to be top quality. Jody is a gifted writer on an incredible array of topics. As a leader, she lives the principals of excellent management, setting high standards and engaging all employees in planning and decision-making. In addition to being an astute business leader, Jody is compassionate and willing to lend a hand whenever and wherever she is needed. She pursues her avocational interests with equal enthusiasm while lavishing time and attention on her family. I don’t know how Jody does everything she does, but I feel very fortunate to have worked on several projects with her. If you are lucky enough to work with Jody Glynn Patrick, you will experience her radiating positive energy and total commitment and you will have a lot of fun. 

Tammy Rozek

General Manager at CBL & Associates Properties, Inc. (Includes EastTowne Mall).

Madison, WI

Jody Glynn Patrick is a business and community icon who immediately impressed me with her intelligence, drive, passion, creativity and wit. 

The Greater Madison Community is very fortunate to have an extremely talented and compassionate leader. Not only is Jody the Publisher and VP of In Business Magazine, but she is also very involved in a number of nonprofit organizations close to her heart including serving on boards for the Salvation Army, the Autism Society of South Central Wisconsin and the Wisconsin Women's Business Initiative Corporation to name a few. Most importantly, Jody is a natural at coaching, raising the bar for performance and guiding others towards the best possible solution. Jody truly takes a sincere interest in the growth and success of others and goes the extra mile to make sure those around her get the assistance and support they need. She is an invaluable resource to me and to those around her always providing key connections and sharing her expertise. 

I highly recommend Jody! Jody is a dynamic leader who always amazes me with her courage and drive. Jody's motivating and encouraging attitude is contagious! She is an inspiration and a true mentor.

Ruth Rohlich, Business Dev. Specialist for the City of Madison, WI

Jody has served on the Wisconsin Women's Business Initiative Corporation Advisory Team for over 5 years and is a strong asset to our group. WWBIC works with women and men who are interested in starting and growing small businesses in Wisconsin we do this with the help of hundreds of volunteers across the state – and with Jody, we have an amazing expert in small business development and marketing available to help us shape our programing and offerings. Jody, through her work with In Business and on her radio show, knows how to help business owners explore the issues that matter most to their success – namely, how are you going to make money on this idea and who are you selling to. Two seemingly simple ideas that are surprisingly difficult for many small businesses owners to answer in their first few years.  I know that WWBIC is just one of many community groups Jody volunteers for and I am thankful for her commitment to Dane County and WWBIC.

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