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About this special new section: Bereaved Parents Watering Hole

I served as WIU's Crisis Hotline Director and then the manager of the Chicago Ronald McDonald House. A licensed grief counselor, I then was asked to serve as a Police Chaplain, and later was made a Police Crisis Interventionist Officer, doing all departmental death notifications and family counseling. In social services, I was head of a child abuse/neglect investigative team in Colorado and helped update the Colorado Code governing human services involvement. I've also worked as an ordained minister and grief counselor before and after a publishing career. 


Of more interest to you: my son died at age 16 in a car accident, so I've been on both sides of tragic death notifications.


I've long published a blog for bereaved parents on another site with about over 400 followers. I've brought those (updated) posts to this site. If you know of someone who has lost a child, you might encourage them to visit this site for support. Read a few posts to see if you agree that it might help.   

I was a newspaper columnist as well as police crisis interventionist when Daniel died:

daniels death column.jpg
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