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Best Hospital Experiences

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

Summer's expertise: My daughter has a masters in nursing and she studies molecular biology. She happens to be one of the founders (and now CEO) of the Great Lakes Milk Bank in the Chicago area supplying 90 hospitals with donated/pasturized breast milk. I gave her access to my medical records and she had a doctor order an additional test which proved informative. Most of all, she was my daily medical check-in person as I was having daily labs. She explained the test results to me and checked the medical response. She made it SO much easier for me to keep abreast of what was happening inside my body that kept me hospitalized for 8 days with daily infections popping up despite constant antibiotic IVs.

CNA: I promised one of my CNAs in the hospital that I would note how proactive she was. Lola was amazing. I had a couple other ones that performed well and a couple that were only reactive at best, but Lola always kept the water at hand and always checked for any little thing I needed. I never really had to ask with her, because she spotted any challenges or needs right away and it made my stay easier.

Phone call: For about four days I didn't have enough strength to talk on the phone and so I wasn't accepting calls. When I did, my first call was to my sister Melanie. She was the perfect choice. She listened. She didn't try to override my concerns with false optimism. When I cried, I could tell she cried with me, like holding my virtual hand. I felt like somebody actually understood my challenges with body image and being turned into an invalid, and losing kidney function. I didn't want a cheerleader, I wanted someone to vent to who would acknowedge that the situation sucked and I had a right to feel what I was feeling. That was Melanie.

Offers of a kidney: When my other three sisters (whom I met at age 60 after a DNA test) heard about the kidneys being a couple points from dialysis, each one immediately offered me a kidney after reading my text. I knew their blood types would not match, as my blood type came from my mother and not father (neg A), but their immediate response of "you can have one of my kidneys" shows how close we've become.

Visits from friends: Jo sat with me during a transfusion. Georgia and Buddy spent an evening with me, which was a great diversion. Dottie sat with me a couple hours and it was SO good to see her, as we usually spend the most time together. My high school best friend Nita came from Illlinois and we had a great visit after I got home. Today, Ken and Elaine (from Madison) are going to be here. I've had tremendous support by text from friends all over the country, and all of that gives me great mental support and strength.

Thanks to all of you for these best hospital experiences, and I love you to bits.

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