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My most humiliating moment

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

I don't think many people would share this on a public site, but here it is.

In the hospital, I had to use a bedside commode because of the continuing diarrhea. During one episode, the ties on my gown fell into it and flung the stuff all over me. OK, that's embarrasing, so I sat gingerly on the side of the bed and waited for the CNA to bring me a new gown.

I hadn't sat up for more than a few moments since landing in the hospital (too weak and tied to an IV pole). So I was looking around and saw the floor for the first time, and a mess of my pubic hair on it. Apparently from the friction of lowering my underwear and pulling it up, this had been happening, as chemo causes you to lose every hair on your body (even eyelashes).

I had seen probably three specialist doctors that morning, and the hair was quite visible to anyone entering the room! Realizing that was my most humiliating moment. I tried to ball it up with my feet and push it under the bed. That worked for the moment, but my bathrooming needs were very frequent and the result was the same, so finally I gave up and just let the hair fly.

The cleaning young woman came while Kevin was visiting. I started to explain why her swiffer was going to look like a fur ball when she finished that area, but she immediately responded, "I Russian, I no speak English." OMG. We couldn't help but laugh and I'm sure she likely was offended that we were, mistaking it for her nationality somehow being funny to us. However, we couldn't hold it in or explain why.

So there were several embarrassing moments for the price of one.

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1 Comment

T Jones
T Jones
Oct 07, 2023

It's got to be good to laugh. Hilarious.

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